03 February, 2007

Public Relations Global Declaration

Any civilization, in each historical period, offers several especial findings of its to the Humane Society parts of which having more effective role are recognized as the symbol of that civilization. By taking the results of the present brilliant civilization into consideration, we notice the fact that, “inevitable international relations” is the most prominent feature and symbol of civilizations. Therefore, the degree of success and credit of any society, is evaluated by the element of International interaction domain and ultimately, in a global totality, and in this fluctuating phase in which thought and wisdom can, more than any other tools, eliminate the existing challenges, the defining role of international PR, appears with valuable scientific credit and variable capabilities.
Today, the clever and intelligent leaders search for their strategic success, especially in areas of economic and politics in a global scale, and in order to achieve these crucial goals, free themselves from some obstructive customs in an increasing process, look at their expert and scientific norms which play an unassailable role in front of them.
The residents of the global village believe that, no organ like PR, possessed such a serious and general social responsibility, which is able to bring fortunate sea changes for Human Society, and it is this same exceptional opportunity that focused on the attention of social sciences, particularly communication knowledge theoreticians on PR.
Therefore, public relation is able to play a cutting-edge role in different areas. It seems that esteeming this new scientific phenomenon in public and private sectors in any country and increasingly investment in this profession- which needs the multilateral supports of governments- is absolutely necessary for promotion of national and international goals. Thus, recruiting expert manpower in this sensitive organ and equipping them with the latest discoveries of PR, for expanding this field in all universities and generally extending the culture of PR, is one of the press needs of the modern societies.
In such condition, we are assured that, by paving the ground for promoting the position of PR in national and international areas, the motto “Promoting PR, global alliance”- this deep-rooted wish of nations- shall be materialized.


At February 8, 2007 at 2:36 PM , Blogger Thomas said...

Dear Mehdi,

congratulations, that's a very nice idea with the PR Blog. We are just developing something similar in Romania, but it is not finished now. But - as far as I can - I would like to comment on your blog.

All the best



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