25 December, 2007

Public Relations and International Communications Management

Establishing relations is the very first job of pr practitioners. In fact, the most important role they play in the society is communication. Therefore, public relations as a managerial principle, has a communicative aspect and should be managed properly.
The context of international communications management, like any other communicational areas, depends on different cultural factors. It means that, international public relations addresses a framework made of cultural, religious, social, and normative system in public-universal realm. It is in this public-universal realm that public opinion is formed.
International public relations is not formulaic communications or trade of communications, but the presence of pr practitioners in such a complex area, necessitates making use of the existing capacities to increase their understanding of the strategic role of public relations from national to international level.
However, this raises the question, how to win the trust of public opinion in public-universal realm?
To create convergence and win trust and international cooperation, there are plenty of facilities and capacities. Regenerating and reforming the existing capacities is what pr practitioners should focus on.
Finally, it should be noted that international public relations is a combination of different factors, and if we could juxtapose these factors according to logical principles, we will adds value to them. Therefore, public relations could pave the way for economical improvements in a country.


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