16 August, 2007

The Message of Conference Secretary General

The Message of Conference Secretary General
4th International Conference on Public Relations in IranNovember 15-16 2007Tehran- IranThe International Public Relations Conference was held for the first time in 2004 as a turning point in the history of public relations with the aim of creating an international wave pivoting around Iran public relations and in cooperation with pr associations and societies, institutes, organizations, ministries and public and private companies.This was a difficult movement which we interpreted as a campaign for presenting the name of Iran’s public relations. Achieving this aim was difficult and the difficulties were also present in the second and third conferences.But we are still determined to continue this course of action. Now we have many friends and comrades who support us in this campaign.Our goals are much more precise now.Fortunately, many of the people who share this responsibility with us are still determined in pursuing our goals. In preparing for the 4th conference, under pr scholars’ expert experience and benefiting from previous experience, considering the new needs of public relations field we are trying to hold it as practical as possible so that the attendants will be able to use their learning in their professional life.After holding 3 International PR Conference, the atmosphere of the conference has been expanded considerably and we are seeking to host more interested people in public relations.Along this we are seeking to prepare the plans so that the broad spectrum of attendants of conference including the experts, managers and scholars will be able to achieve their purposes.Today, by generalizing and analyzing the events occurring in the three previous conferences, we are taking steps more purposefully than ever.We hope that our companions in the three previous conferences and the interested people who will join us in the fourth conference benefit from this progressive movement and we will be able to pave the way for the improvement of Iran’s public relations.Any helpful suggestions would be welcomed.Mehdi BagherianConference Secretary General


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