11 January, 2009

Comments/ Gaza/6

There is no need to ask such questions because of the function of the Professional PR business in a society.
PR people/practitioners raise their voice in the Gaza massacre if someone pays them to do so: PR is a business serving to those who pay the money. IPRA and the like do perform two jobs: To promote PR business and to do the snake oiling (with very few exceptions). People should not allow organizations like IPRA, International Advertising agencies, AD COUNCIL in their country. Their business is snake oiling and selling the snakes via mind management (via creating fake images on reality). Their existence is bad for the humanity. They produce ignorance and make money by producing nothing good for human life. They are well-dressed, well-rehearsed and well-paid leaches of 21st century! (extremely few exceptions; exception: PR departments in public organizations that work for the public interests. How many are there?).

Take care
İrfan erdogan


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