11 January, 2009

Comments/ Gaza/3

In response to your query, some approaches that immediately come to my mind include: Launch An International Public Relations Cry Campaign For GAZA a) through a Letter jointly signed by Presidents of PR Institutes worldwide to the PR Society of America to seek cooperation to influence and persuade their government to act fast to stop the killings b)) Start a 'GAZA and the Animals' Album on internet where each PR Insititute document ongoing atrocities which should ultimately affect the image and reputation of the Kingdom of Animals carrying out these atrocities c) Organised Prayers d) The Role of PR People in Supporting Donations and contributions through their national efforts for GAZA e) Non Muslims and GAZA - approach non muslims for support and give them media coverage to highlight that there are millions of non muslims who appose the GAZA killings and they should be seen as examples to other non muslims. Mr Mehdi as in all PR projects , even good proposals remain in the file , unless a strong leader within the fraternity initiate and move it to success. so who, what, where, when and how do we PR people of the world come together to act? May God help all PR people, whatever race or religion, be champions of Truth and Humanity


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