26 March, 2008

Call for Papers 5th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran

Call for Papers
5th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran

November 13-14 2008
Tehran- Iran
By the presence of public Relations scholars and experts

In addition to the speeches of keynote speakers, the selected articles by scientific committee could be published in the conference book. Therefore, experts, researchers, and professors are invited to send their articles on thematic structure of the conference to the address of secretariat.
The conference will pivot around:

a. Criticizing and evaluating the innovations in respect of:
- Necessity, importance and priority
- Principles and approaches
- According to changes in national and international level
- The quality of performance and the result of performance (evaluation)
b.Clarifying and evaluating the innovative experience resulting from performance

Suggesting new plans and outlooks for improving the quality of programs and increasing its effectiveness
a.Plans and views on the scope of program
b.Plans and views on influencing elements such as:
- Bilingualism
-IT and communications
- Globalization
-The world of business
-Strategic management and leadership (system+target+team)=outlook

at http://www.icpr.ir/


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