16 December, 2010

Call for Papers: Publishing the “Islamic Public Relations” Book

Kargozar PR Institute has planned to publish the “Islamic Public Relations” book in English and Persian for the first time.
Moslem professors and experts are invited to send their abstracts before 20 Jan. 2011 to KPRI.

Some of the proposed subjects
· Introducing Islamic public relations
· Culture and Islamic public relations
· Applicability of the Internet in Islamic public relations
· Islamic public relations and nongovernmental organizations
· Islamic public relations, theories and applied techniques
· Islamic public relations, education and research
· Islamic public relations and social, economical, political and cultural changes
· Islamic public relations and ethical principles
· Islamic public relations, human, publics and customers
· Islamic public relations and management
· Islamic public relations, marketing and publicity
· Islamic public relations, modernism and free market thought
· Islamic public relations and two-way beneficial relations
· Islamic public relations, universality and globalization
· Islamic public relations and new business development
· Islamic public relations, opportunities and threats of globalization
· Islamic public relations, philanthropy and donation (social responsibility)
· Islamic public relations and the opportunity of image making (image and reputation management)
· Islamic public relations, public opinion and poll
· Islamic public relations, public politics planning and thought leaders
· Islamic public relations, local patterns and models
· Islamic public relations and communication management
· And other proposed subject by experts

Submission terms and conditions
· Scientific papers to promote Islamic public relations.
· Papers should contain English and Persian abstract ( a maximum of 180 words), keywords, introduction, body, conclusion and reference list in alphabetical order and should be a maximum of 30 A4 pages:
a) Book: last name, first name initial, (year of publication), title, volume number, (translator’s first and last name), edition, publication city, press company.
b) Paper: last name, first name initial, (year of publication), title, publication, issue, number of pages.
c) Thesis: last name, first name initial, (year of publication), title, Master/doctoral thesis, major, faculty, university.
d) Report: organization, (year of publication), title.
e) Internet: last name, first name initial, (date detection), website address.
· Reference to sources in the text should be as follows: (author’s name, year of publication: page number)
· Authors’ contact information including their first and last name, degree, university or organization, address, telephone number, email address, should be sent in a separate page.
· Papers should be in format of Word and should be emailed to
info@iranpr.org or kargozar80@yahoo.com
· Papers should not be published beforehand.
· Kargozar PR Institute has every right to edit or summarize the submitted papers.


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