08 February, 2007

Today's India and the Systematic Wonder

India is changing rapidly in all fields. The growth rate of 9.2% of gross national product in fiscal year of 2006-2007 is big enough to hold a national celebration.
There is evidence that by amending some rules and principles and some major political and economic and even cultural changes in its 59-year history, India has reached a relatively good state. According to World Bank's report, India will be the fourth economy power in 2020. It is predicted that till that year the per capita income will increase four times. 26% population who live below the poverty line will decrease to 13%.
Here is a question that who has the responsibility of image making of India? To whom belongs today's credibility of India?
It is obvious that India's public relations and pr agencies especially public relations experts and practitioners have played an important role in the country image making as one of the world economy power. «Emergence and presence» is what public relations experts and practitioners should really pay attention. Paying attention only to good performance and result is not enough, presenting is important too.
There's no doubt that in all discussed matters, the role of public relations is of growing importance as one of managerial critical task. Nowadays India's pr practitioners are looking for new tools which produce more credibility for their country.
Today, public relations receives more attention as an effective communicational tools. Additionally, concentration on public relations programs and an increase in investment on public relations activities instead of mere advertising are signs of change and development.
Large public relations companies in Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Heydar Abad, Pune, Ahmad Abad and other cities has contributed substantially to the expansion of importance of public relations in India.
Public relations in India is active in many fields which includes preparing yearly reports, managing web sites and publications, writing speeches, credit management, crisis management, preparing communications strategies and long term planning. More


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