24 April, 2007

Comments: A suggestion: Global day of PR /2

This is an excellent idea, hence I support it.
Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhDProfessor and HeadDepartment of Communication
Purdue University Calumet, or UNESCO।CheersAli Mohammadi, PhDProfessor and Editor

Yes,it is very interesting idea,i think we should suggest as soon aspossible to UN or UNESCO.CheersAli Mohammadi, PhDProfessor and Editor
Department of CommunicationNottingham,उक

I endorse Mr Bagherian and Dr.Chowdhary's suggestion.No PR day can be without he mention of Edward Berney's name.He died on March10,1995 at the age of 103 years.He was a master of influencing public opinion.The other name is that of Gandhiji who used symbols and symbolic acts to sway public opinion.He died on Jan 30th and was born on Oct 2nd.whether we observe on their birth/or death days as international PR day or on April 21 is immaterial as long as the day is dedicated to such father figures.They changed social norms throuhg the tools of PR.Narendra
Prof Ujjwal K
Director, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication
Pune, India


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