27 April, 2007

Let's share to record the Global day of PR/6

To choose and call a day as Global day of PR is in fact an action of informing people about the developing importance of PR industry as well as appreciating the pioneers of this profession, in order to fix PR in its deserved status.
This matter not only can cause to develop the PR-trend society but also to provide an opportunity for residents of PR Global village to ask for their professional rights.
The act of Kargozar PR Institute to invite the PR professionals and practitioners from throughout the world to share to record the Global day of Public Relations is not just a symbolic action but to put an emphasis on necessity of increasing the information of the citizens as well as developing the PR profession.
Fortunately as it was expected, there has been an upward trend in accepting the idea, so we have to take the next step:
1- it is offered to all the members to actively involveld in the project.
2- To prepare an E-scroll by the president of the group who has always played an important roll to put the new proposals into practice, to send to UNESCO and the other international PR associations.
3- The associations and Unions which agree with the proposal should involve officially and send a request to UNESCO at the same time.
4- Considering a special day as a fundamental factor.

Please send your comments to us at: info@iranpr.org

Director of KPRI


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