04 January, 2008

Public relations tourism

Public relations tourism is an unknown subject matter in the modern literature of international public relations and implies several meanings which all of them not only decrease the cost of establishing relations with the outside world, but also increase international communications and improve the images and reputations of nations.
Proposing the “public relations tourism” plan is a new method for international public relations. Form this perspective, public relations tourism could mean creating a reciprocal and interactive relationship with the outside world – in order to help tourism industry to prosper.
However, what is defined within the framework of public relations tourism, relates to the duties of public relations practitioners and their perception of international public relations, and through reforming the existing situation and facilities, improve international communication and presentation of nations’ cultural power.
Besides the effect of public relations tourism on tourism industry, we should pay attention to the effect of international public relations on countries’ economies. Holding courses, conferences, scientific tours and … in a high international level, are considered an economic success for countries and among other benefits, familiarizing with cultures, capabilities and attractions of tourism and cultural exchange could be mentioned.


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