13 February, 2007

The first PR Color Journal

The first PR Color Journal was published in 64 pages. No. 15 of this Journal contains specialty information under the names of understanding the business power of public relations in Iran, the state of moral in public relations, China in the process of change, the effect of Cyber Public Relations on civil society, why the Internet is considered the latest tools for public relations?, public relations in police agencies, freedom is the life-giving blood of the informational society, the role of public relations in the century's international companies, and fight against corruption.
You read in the editorial, 'public relations and image making'. The International PR Association's campaign for media transparency and examining the facilities of Arak's public relations are the other readable articles of this journal.
Preserving the patrimony, 8 effective elements in advertising, and public relations coup d'état are the articles in the cultural and scientific section of the journal.
Mehdi Bagherian is the responsible and chief editor of Kargozar Public Relations Quarterly.


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