03 March, 2007

Public Relation in The New Millennium

Aliakbar Jalali, Ph.D.
Iran University of Science and Technology

The Internet, the Personal Computers (PC) are fundamentally changing our lives, affecting the way we work, learn and interact. Alvin Toffler popularized the concept of the Third Wave, which basically explains that society is entering a new stage of civilization based on the information economy, and which is succeeding the agricultural and industrial ages. The next stage which is coming in the new millennium is a Fourth Wave of change, the Virtual Age.
Technology is rapidly changing our world. It seems that with each year the pace of change quickens. Each new process or invention makes still other advances possible. The new millennium is expected to bring about radical changes globally in the field of public relation or virtual public relation.
Public relation department was being rapidly transformed by increased mobility, rapid communication, and a deluge of available information from mass media. One of the several reasons why the public relation should became a technological leader for organization in the new millennium is a global revolution in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is occurring. The new millennium public relation is a tool for governments and privet organizations to use new technologies to provide people with more convenient access to government and privet organization information and services, to improve quality of service and provide opportunities to participate in processes.


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