15 February, 2007

Believing in Humanity As the Public Relations Essence

Group Public Relations and a growing attitude toward public relations is a new and creative view in Public Relations science. Group Public Relations are the foundation for Public Relations and understanding it requires understanding “public interests”.
Artor W Peach, the pioneer of public relations, has pointed in one of the Public Relations conference: The greatest aim of Public Relations is to turn the reflector toward us to see if we really do our duty for the sake of public interests. It is to say, we should see in what direction we are going by public relations. Then, we should reach to the end before the public understand.
Steward Ivan, the professor of Haunter College and the head of Public Relations in the College says: I want to point to the issue but not only for its brief look at ones’ view but also for I came to the conclusion after studying “Public Relations Developments” as a social profession that it reflects the use of mind. However, some believe that Public Relations are the reflection of a double-sides street in which the organizations and the public have a democratic conversation. Generally, the role played by the public in this assumptive conversation controls the conversation as the blood pressure controller and measures the temperature. More


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