08 March, 2007

Public Relations Existence and Manifestation

Public relations enjoy two kinds of existence and manifestation. One of its manifestations is mental and conceptual which is the essence of the understanding and acceptance of its philosophy and reason for being. The other one includes its external and objective manifestation which merely involves observing its conceptual manifestation namely; belief and action are public relations according which every agent should act based on his authority and responsibilities. It is clear that when your responsibilities are broader and more fundamental, you should also enjoy the required conditions for its proper actions and the goods, otherwise you will be an agent of no action which opposes the essence of the public relations.
It should be mentioned that public relations conceptual and objective existence are the same and regarded as one thing. The conceptual one is the prerequisite for the objective one and their relations are quite revealed. If the conceptual existence of public relation is not understood, its objective existence will not been proved. When public relations concept is not understood, the objective ratio between the aims, tools, techniques, skills and structures is not set and it leads to the deviation. In return, if the conceptual existence of public relation is grasped, its objective existence will be proved.
In objective existence, the aim is that the agent of public relations be informed upon the philosophy of its existence and being proved and show it in implementation. The one whose aim includes protecting the public interests and serving the public, he or she should act in such a way that is in accordance with the conceptual (philosophical) and objective criteria but, in conceptual existence, the main goal includes understanding the essence and philosophy of the public relations.
On of the other essential element for the correct understanding of public relations phenomenon formation is the fact that mental concept plays important role in understanding public relations understanding. In other words, the mental and philosophical concepts of public relations is not merely abstract and the agent will be referred to the most valuable men attainment, something beyond the verbal and mental data. In fact, public relations can reveal it status as a superfine goal.
For example, suppose the concept of “factory”. Haidger says in a small thesis upon the engineering “the settler should be before the building is made”. Explaining and analyzing these sentences by Haidger, Alen Garg says” his sentence is aimed at this fact that before making a house, we should be asked that what a house is? What does it help? How it is made and use?
It is the scope in which we are surrounded by imagine. You can ask out of 20 persons recently bought a house to explain the directions of the building. E.g. where is the north/ where is the south? Nobody knows. Thy do not pay attention to the directions. It was the settlement before being built.
So “Meaning Finding” and grasping public relations existence philosophy is the major principle of public relations. Public relations are not proved without meaning.
Undoubtedly, when the understanding and perception by the agents of public relations are not in accordance with the real philosophy and the professional culture is not integrated with the neo-thinking, braveness, productivity and courtesy, it will be hard to promote an comprehensive and constructing attempt within the framework of the goals and existence and philosophical aspiration and will promote the society universal appetite for various thoughts - and even the opposite one – abrogate “Keeping”.


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