05 March, 2007

Role of the IT in modern PR?

The Information Technology has brought about communications revolution in the modern public relations. Ten years ago, few PR professionals in India could have imagined the kind of change IT has brought in. Computers have changed every thing. Besides being a writing tool and a storage database, computers have changed the ways of information dissemination. Thanks to the Internet, information and research methods have undergone a sea change.
The IT has changed the very concept of knowledge management. In India, the companies and the government departments have launched their own Intranet and Internet websites to cater to the information needs of their external or internal audiences. PR communication methodologies too had undergone rapid changes. For instance, when it comes to public relations, media persons have welcomed the creation of media centers on the websites as they can source the information online. The IT has integrated the functioning of PR with the rest of stakeholders such as customers and investors. Quick downloads have become order of the day and for PR practitioners providing downloading facility saves a lot of hassles of personal distribution of material such as press releases, company profiles and annual reports.


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