08 March, 2007

An Emacs Interface To Google Services

1 An Emacs Interface To Google Services
Google offers a number of services using a Google account. Many of these services also expose a Web API. this package provides a set of Emacs modules for accessing these services from inside Emacs. These modules are designed with an Emacs-centric, rather than a Web-browser centered view of the world. Where necessary Emacs package browse-url is used to invoke the Web browser of choice. The current distribution can be downloaded from Google Code Hosting and the source code is available via Subversion। Note that this is still work in progress. I'm releasing it as part of the Emacspeak project since I believe the package already has sufficiently useful functionality for users who spend a large amount of their time inside Emacs. There is no dependency on Emacspeak, and all clients provided here can be used without Emacspeak loaded.
1.1 Installation
1.2 How It Works
1.3 Top-level Customizations
1.4 Google Blogger gblogger
1.5 Google Calendar gcal

1.6 Google Reader greader


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