22 April, 2007

Public Relations and Visual Media

Haroon Sugich

There is no question that writing forms the essence of public relations practice and yet we are living in an age dominated by visual media. Visual communications are all too often treated as an afterthought by public relations professionals. When this happens we lose a powerful communications tool. The use of image in building a story and brand is critical to the overall success of a communications program. There is a need to enhance our understanding of how visual media can support the implementation of public relations programs. The creative use of editorial, corporate and industrial photography, video news releases, television interviews and an understanding of how cinema and television advertising has changed audience perceptions is the subject of a presentation by Haroon Sugich, who has spent over 35 years working as a professional communicator, in theatre, television, film, radio and in the print media as a journalist, corporate writer and author. As a leading public relations practitioner in the Middle East, Mr. Sugich will discuss the limitations on the use of visual media in PR and its potential as an increasingly important part of the public relations process.


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