14 March, 2007

PR Training in Iran

Establishing Press and PR Higher Institute in 1961 by Keyhan Institute was the first step in training public relation professionally and at present there are more than 15 universities and higher education centers that teach field of public relations.
Allameh Tabatabyi, Azad Islamic University, Tehran University, Imam Sadegh University, Practical- Scientific University, IRIB Faculty, and News Faculty are among these higher educations centers which offer bachelor degree in pr and MA and PhD in communications. There are also short training courses by Ministry of Culture, Governmental Management Center, Tehran Jahad Daneshgahi, public and private organizations and public relations institutes.
Holding international conferences on public relations aiming for exchanging experience and achievements, among other programs, are following up from 2004 by the world prominent pr experts. These conferences besides exchanging experience and information updating play an important role in the country image making. With the assistance of such conferences, many foreign invitees found out how western media judge spitefully and the real Iran is presented as it is.
Using educational technology is one of the projects, following up by pr private institutes and corporations in Iran.
Publishing scientific articles in international pr journals by Iranian experts presents pr achievements and shows the role of pr in the process of sustainable development.


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