16 October, 2007

Secretary General for Iranian Association of Public Relations Specialists

There has been some news that Mr. Mahdi Bagherian, a member of Iranian Association of Public Relations, has been appointed as the Secretary General for Iranian Association for Public Relations Specialists.

Mr. Mahdi Bagherian was appointed as the Director General for the Public Relations and International Dept. in International Research Center for Seismology and Earthquake Engineering of Iran.

Mr. Bagherian is the Manager of Kargozar Public Relations Institute and is the pioneer of the first expertise publication for Public Relations.

He has written some books on Public Relations and is the Project Manager Encyclopedia of Public Relations in Persian.

Mr. Bagherian established the first website for Public Relations in Iran, 8 years ago and has prepared a team for Iranian Network for Public Relations Information (SAHRA). It will be uploaded in English and Persian in the next months.