24 December, 2009

ICPR 2010 6th International Conference

ICPR 2010 6th International Conference"Social Media and Public Relations" Nov 16–18, 2010Tehran , IRAN
6th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran will be held on Nov. 2010 in Tehran , Iran . Considering the experience of the Five previous conferences, it is expected that the public relations professors, researchers, managers, and experts endow the pr community with their achievements, opinions and the findings of their research by sending their practical and scientific articles to the conference.
* Web: www.icpr.ir
* Mail: info@iranpr.org

08 December, 2009

PR 2.0: Google Wave for Collaboration

It took me a little while to receive my invitation to Google Wave and to play around with the platform. For the past few weeks, friends have asked me to discuss my thoughts on Google Wave and if I like it or not. In the beginning, it was difficult to respond, because I just didn’t feel I had enough time to explore to properly make an http://www.deirdrebreakenridge.com/2009/12/pr-2-0-google-wave-for-collaboration/