06 May, 2008

Iran PR Center of Electronic Services

Iran PR Center of Electronic Services
Clear goal – clear message
(We have taken the third step: toward electronic public relations)
Electronic media are incomparable media. Any other media can’t compete with it in saving time and money, and swiftness and broadness of the information one can receive. There are of course other mass communication media which are useful for target audience. In this case, the Internet, Email, SMS, and generally speaking, electronic services could be used as a supplement for other media to reach a better result.
Iran PR Center of Electronic Services (IPRCES) enables you to send emails, SMS, emergency message, newsletter, bulletin, pod cast, and any other services to any person with only a click.
With the help of this center, you can complete your information project more easily.
Objectives and benefits
-          Decreasing costs and saving time: speeding information dissemination
-          Shortening information cycle and services
-          Attracting and increasing publics loyalty
-          Surpassing in this competitive field and increasing the ability of innovation, competitiveness and efficacy
-          Specialization of communication and advertising activities and programs and decreasing the need for additional investment in this field
-          Increasing awareness on the name of company and organization (reputation/image management)
-          Receiving measurable results and return on investment
-          Increasing the visitors of company/organization’s web site
-          Specialization and privatization of email and other communication and advertising tools
-          Cutting the cost of direct post
-          Being ever available for your publics and customers
-          Developing the process of information dissemination and scientific cooperation
-          Benefiting from “biggest customer”
-          Saving publics’ time and energy
Companies and organizations would be able to send information of their concern through SMS with the help of PR – SMS Center.
PR – SMS Center of PR Kargozar Institute is the only specialized pr system in Iran which send the necessary information of this field extensively.
In addition to benefits such as accuracy and swiftness in giving information, this center enables you to specialize and privatize your SMS by mentioning your name, automatically organizes programs for different events through prepared texts and personalizing operation and setting the sending dates by online calendar, saves publics’ time and energy, shortens the cycle of information dissemination and meets information and communication needs as quickly as possible.
Facilities and features
PR – SMS provides you to
1.      Personalize advertising SMSs
2.      Produce task process including list of audiences (name, cell phone number), text and sent date
3.      Organize programs for various events automatically through prepared texts and personalizing operation and setting the sending dates by online calendar
4.      Generate periodic task and sending to unlimited number of people as alarm in different dates and with different contents
5.      Save a process with all its publics, edit and recall it
6.      Form groups and prioritize them for targeted calls
7.      Work easily with the system
8.      Work in a completely Persian environment
9.      Produce different projects for different purposes
10.  Categorize publics in groups
11.  Identify kinds of messages (feasts, felicitations, condolence, …)
12.  Identify a series of prepared message
13.  Send message according to audience, group or kind of group
14.  Write message in Persian and English as the main and ancillary text message
15.  Prioritize the sending
16.  Filter the sending
17.  Generate dynamic text message (relation with data bank or sending name and number of persons)
18.  See sent items
19.  See prepared text messages for sending
20.  See not sent text messages for sending
21.  Receive delivery report (successful and/or unsuccessful)

Benefits of using PR – SMS
1.      Doing some internal and external tasks of  public relations organizations
2.      Sending communication and advertising messages, reminding messages, felicitation and condolence messages
3.      Sending personal and special messages to specific persons and groups
4.      Sending mass messages for products and services marketing
5.      Conducting surveys through SMS and analyzing received responses
6.      Receiving criticism and suggestions
7.      Holding contest and drawing through SMS
8.      Creating terminal news for subscribers and sending every day’s news to them
E-Mail PR
There is no doubt that email is a powerful tool for public relations practitioners who interact continuously with publics, demanders, employees, shareholders, and ordinary people.
Persuading pr practitioners to like and use this medium is what PR Kargozar Institute has begun a few years ago by holding “the first electronic pr workshop” (first step) and launching “the first online pr organization in Iran” (www.iranpr.org) (second step).
Service of the online institute
-          Specialization and personalization of email
-          Optimization of email
-          Management of email program
Online newsletter
Newsletters are kind of publication consisting of short articles with aim of updating publics and customers’ information. They may also include recommendations and other information about special interests of publics and customers.
Electronic newsletter is a multiple communication tool for electronic marketing and information dissemination:
Information dissemination, creating brands, advertising, marketing, reputation management, creating website traffic, and being a thoughtful leader
Dissemination of information
Disseminating of information about pr news is one of the goals of Iran PR Center of Electronic Services.
The first step of subscription for news SMS has been started on May 16th, public relations day. All interested people and groups may receive the newest news through SMS for a small fee.
By attending Iran PR Center of Electronic Services, act more powerfully in disseminating of information.