15 September, 2008

The 1st International Conference on the Status & Role of Women in PR

Women’s influence on public relations has grown rapidly in recent years. Increasingly, women pr practitioners enter the field or assume leadership and management of public and private companies. This growing trend throughout the world is a manifestation of women’s efficiency and their crucial role in pr area.
Public Relations Global Consulting Company (PRGCC) in cooperation with professional association holds “the 1st International Conference on Women’s Status and Role in PR” in July 2009 in Tehran.

Purposes of Conference:
Contribution to studies and clarification of women’s character and status in public relations
Contribution to studies and description of women’s achievements and how to use their talents and capabilities in this field
Contribution to development and promotion of knowledge of public relations and encouraging women pr practitioners in modern standards and methods
Paving the way for exchanging experience and knowledge in public relations industry
Establishing scientific relations and exchanging ideas among women pr practitioners
Collecting information and introducing the latest achievements of women in pr area
Holding special meeting and promoting necessary skills for women pr practitioners
Exchanging successful executive experience and the way for making pr women’s achievements practical
Discussing the problems and challenges of women’s active involvement in public relations

Conference Programs
Submitting articles in general and special meetings
Public and private organizations and companies share their experience in public relations as case studies
Holding forums for senior managers and experts of organizations and economy entities
Holding educational workshops on public relations
Holding exhibitions on companies and organizations’ achievements, scientific books and publications, multimedia educational programs, introducing consulting, educational, and research pr institutes
Holding a clinic on advancing the profession of public relations during conference days
Paying homage to the successful women pr practitioners
Establishing a data bank for women pr practitioners

The Subject matters
The status of women in public relations; approaches and achievements
Women professional law; a survey of women activities in public relations field
Code of women’s rights and responsibilities in public relations
Women management in public relations; a strategic approach
Strategic planning of women’s issues in public relations
Characteristics of proper public relations for women
An introduction of key elements in women involvement in public relations
Clarification of women’s multiple roles in public relations
Gender-specific behaviors in public relations field
The role of women in the economy of public relations
The role of IT in women involvement in public relations
Public relations and feminine creativity
Women in the Internet and PR 2.0
Woman, public relations, and globalization
Woman, public relations, and entrepreneurship
Men’s trust in women’s management in public relations
Evaluating the status of women in public relations
Legal and professional hindrance to women involvement in public relations
Strategies for effective involvement of women in public relations field

Any cooperation is welcomed
Considering the importance of public relations and its role in realization of goals of public and private organizations and companies, and its results and consequences, the conference organizers would welcome any advice or suggestion with open arms.
People interested in attending the different committees of conference or special meetings, seminars, and workshops contact us at conference address.

02 September, 2008

Relation between East and West Asia

As you know, the capacities developed in Asia at the end of 20th century, included India and China besides Japan in the world ten top strong economies and ASEAN, as a symbol of this regional convergence, guaranteed economic growth for the countries in the region. And today, countries such as China, Singapore, Thailand, and North and South Korea, known as South East Asian Tigers, manifest a marvelous convergence. Even Japan which tended to be separated for some time, is moving toward this convergence. Therefore, on the one hand, East Asia and on the other hand, West Asia (ECO) are moving towards economic development. There are also the geo-economic Gulf Persian and Iran Plateau, great potentiality for economic growth in West Asia.
This raises the question, how much could we, pr practitioners, be effective in increasing a two-way convergence among East and West Asian countries, especially Islamic countries? And claim that the main role of public relations practitioners is establishing communications.
Fortunately, one of the purposes of this travel is to create a strategy with the help of our colleagues in Malaysia and other Islamic countries to establish, develop and reinforce communications. Such cooperation provides us mutual economic benefits and reinforces Asian culture and eastern strong identity. It also helps us encounter the foreseeable threats.
All Asian and Islamic countries have common cultural background and economic base. Mutual understanding of lagging behind the other countries and the idea of Asia for Asians caused commonality that could lead to an effective communication between East and West Asia.