11 June, 2008

5th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran

5th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran
November 13 -14 2008
Tehran – Iran

5th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran will be held on 13-14 Nov. 2008 in Tehran, Iran. Considering the experience of the four previous conferences, it is expected that the public relations professors, researchers, managers, and experts endow the public relations community with their achievements, opinions and the findings of their research by sending their practical and scientific articles to the conference.

Conference purposes
=Providing ground for research and opinion exchange of experts and managers
=Providing an appropriate atmosphere for different academic and executive sections to familiarize and interact with each other and work in unison
=Making the effort to realize path to improvement of public relations status in social and organizational decision making
=Introducing and clarifying the role of public relations managers in social and organizational planning and decision making
=Exhibiting the achievements and capabilities of Iran public relations units
=Exhibiting practical patterns and models on the basis of domestic instructions and national values

Conference educational features
=Sharing the experience of Iranian and foreign companies and organizations in public relations field
=Presenting case studies, examples and objective instances
=Allocating time for asking and answering
=Presenting practical achievements and opinions of the conference as a guidance and instruction

Conference programs
=Publishing “Public Relations Guide”: the most important result of the conference. It includes presenting problems in order of priority and proposing solutions for them. The root of this backwater should be mentioned to be able to take the necessary actions.
=Showing a short film about the status and role of public relations in Iran
=Praising the best articles
=Citing deans of public relations and awarding Dr. Notghi Prize (father of modern public relations in Iran)
=Citing well-intentioned and public-spirited experts of public relations
=Citing the prominent experts of provinces
=Conducting four half-day educational workshops by Iranian and foreign experts
=Presenting two successful experience of Iranian organizations in public relations management and management in public relations
=Holding two special meetings
=Holding an exhibition of achievements and capabilities of public relations

Special meetings
1.Forward-looking public relations, leadership and management
2.Reciprocal responsibilities of managers of forward-looking public relations and progressive organizations

Call for papers
In addition to keynote speeches, selected articles by the scientific committee could be presented in the conference and printed in conference book.
Speeches and articles should be prepared and presented according to two pivots below:
a) Critique and evaluation of innovations on the basis of:
- Necessity, importance, and priority
- Principles, methods and approaches
- Appropriate to changes in national and international levels
- Performance quality and results (assessment)
b) Clarification and evaluation of innovative experience
2) Proposing new plans and ideas for improving the quality of programs and projects and increasing their effectiveness
a) Plans and perspectives focusing on the scope of program
b) Plans and perspectives focusing on effective elements such as:
- Bilingualism
- Information technology and communications
- Globalization
- World of business

Key pivots
=Human resources management and the role of human investments in progressive public relations
=Progressive public relations and management consultancy skills
=Progressive public relations and reputation risk management
=Progressive public relations and international image management
=A managerial perspective to Progressive public relations; present status and new orientations

Conference permanent secretariat
.Tel: 09121938419 – 09329449048
.Address: PR Kargozar Institute, zip code 19395/6986, Tehran, Iran
.Email: info@ICPR.ir