21 March, 2009

100 Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve All Your Goals

Twitter has become an incredible tool not just for communication, but for improving your life. College students can use it to expand their social circle, promote their side business, keep their coursework organized, and more. Whether you want to achieve your Twitter goals, or just use it as a tool to achieve others, these twitter tools will help you get there. more

The write stuff: Driving SEO and social media with articles

There are few better ways to promote your business than by writing good, helpful articles and sharing them on the Internet.
Good content attracts good traffic.
On an average day, 60 percent of Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers are on the Internet, according to the
Forrester Research. Two-thirds of these people are online several times per day. While online, the most popular activities include getting news and finding information via search engines. This means that if you’ve got good content on your site, that can be found by search engines, you’ll have a natural advantage over competitors. more

20 March, 2009

the first anthem for public relations

Rejuvenation of public relations through art and music such as producing the first anthem for public relations. The first anthem for public relations has been launched by Kargozar Public Relations Institute:

A true word, means a love storyThe beginning
of innocence, means love extremity

These days, news are seldom unreleased
And the moon does not hide behind the clouds

When every moment is pregnant with incidents
You cannot close your eyes on the moments

We are in the path to light, transparent like glass
Concurrent with Speed Age, in moment, forever

In the world of acceleration, there is no place for isolation
For conquering the moment, there is no way except communication