27 February, 2007

comments on conference

Seyed Kamal Kharrazi, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister

Dear Mr. Mehdi Bagherian
In applying the order issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran in the year for answering the questions and with due regard to the importance of the PR in reaching organizational goals, holding such conference and attendance of the internal and foreign speakers aimed at exchanging views and determining and explaining the information and also the methods for public and international communication specially in the Islamic Republic of Iran is highly evaluated excellent.

Iran Ministry of foreign affairs welcomed this conference and participated in the conference. Your efforts and other administrators’ ones for holding this conference are appreciated.

25 February, 2007

comments on conference

Jhon Sandres, Filish Man Managing Director (UK)
I think is was a revolution in Iran PR. Congratulating the conference administrators he added “if PR concerns realities, reality is thing expressed by PR. Every Iranian I have seen in the conference was well informed and warm regards owned with full of willing for learning and has something different from the ones by the West. He said ‘you have a lot of thing to say. Try to communicate this things to the peoples beyond the borders in order to invite the world to live peacefully.

24 February, 2007

comments on conference

Loula Zaklama, IPRA President:
This conference was an unforgettable experience for me to learn more about Iran and its PR industry. She described the organization and contents of the speakers speeches as excellent. She added “I ma thankful to the Iranian hospitality. At the end, welcoming Kargozar PR Institute membership in IPRA, she added “I support this issue. She expressed hope that Iran PR can play an important role in IPRA new events.

22 February, 2007

Demand grows for PR people

VANCOUVER — From Hollywood stars to little local businesses, everyone seems to have their own public relations person these days.
And with the increasing interest in hiring experts to communicate information to the public, the demand for trained PR professionals is experiencing a growth spurt. More

15 February, 2007

Believing in Humanity As the Public Relations Essence

Group Public Relations and a growing attitude toward public relations is a new and creative view in Public Relations science. Group Public Relations are the foundation for Public Relations and understanding it requires understanding “public interests”.
Artor W Peach, the pioneer of public relations, has pointed in one of the Public Relations conference: The greatest aim of Public Relations is to turn the reflector toward us to see if we really do our duty for the sake of public interests. It is to say, we should see in what direction we are going by public relations. Then, we should reach to the end before the public understand.
Steward Ivan, the professor of Haunter College and the head of Public Relations in the College says: I want to point to the issue but not only for its brief look at ones’ view but also for I came to the conclusion after studying “Public Relations Developments” as a social profession that it reflects the use of mind. However, some believe that Public Relations are the reflection of a double-sides street in which the organizations and the public have a democratic conversation. Generally, the role played by the public in this assumptive conversation controls the conversation as the blood pressure controller and measures the temperature. More

Father of Iran Modern Public Relations

Dr. Hamid Notghi (1920-1999), the father of Iran modern public relations, has changed our point of view on public relations for ever. He trained many young, ingenious, philanthropic, and familiar with social and human communication practitioners through Social Communications Science Faculty, which he has himself played an important role in its establishment.
These prizes were established in 2003 and it has been awarded to Dr. Kazem Mo'tamednejad, the father of Iran modern communications and Dr. James Grunig, the prominent professor of public relations in Communications Department, University of Maryland College Park in 2004 and 2005 respectively. More

14 February, 2007

how do we co-create and share meaning between different cultures and localities?

Catherine Arrow said...
Good to see this new weblog and I'll look forward to reading further posts. In the meantime, this post and the paper that goes with it was extremely interesting and informative.The section on 'What is the problem' is particularly pertinent as it highlights one of the great challenges we face as global practitioners - just how do we co-create and share meaning between different cultures and localities? And it is not only a matter of linguistic differences either. Mechanisms and approaches that allow us to understand cultural impact need to be explored and investigated - an activity that forms one of the many challenges ahead for all practitioners, particularly with the advent and implementation of social media channels. Thanks again - and I look forward to more posts.

Iran 4th Public Relations Conference

4th International PR Conference of Iran and will be held and attended by the high ranking PR practitioner of the world and more than 800 of PR managers, scholars, experts and students in 14-15 November 2007 in Tehran.
All the professors, scholars, administrators and writers are invited to deliver their papers for promotion of the PR profession on following topics:
1- PR and education
2- PR and management
3- PR and business
Writers and editors of PR books are invited to deliver a sample of theirs works and also their particulars to the conference secretariat. The preferred works will be granted special awards.
4th Iran International PR ConferenceScientific Committee
Reach at: Web site:

13 February, 2007

The first PR Color Journal

The first PR Color Journal was published in 64 pages. No. 15 of this Journal contains specialty information under the names of understanding the business power of public relations in Iran, the state of moral in public relations, China in the process of change, the effect of Cyber Public Relations on civil society, why the Internet is considered the latest tools for public relations?, public relations in police agencies, freedom is the life-giving blood of the informational society, the role of public relations in the century's international companies, and fight against corruption.
You read in the editorial, 'public relations and image making'. The International PR Association's campaign for media transparency and examining the facilities of Arak's public relations are the other readable articles of this journal.
Preserving the patrimony, 8 effective elements in advertising, and public relations coup d'état are the articles in the cultural and scientific section of the journal.
Mehdi Bagherian is the responsible and chief editor of Kargozar Public Relations Quarterly.

08 February, 2007

Today's India and the Systematic Wonder

India is changing rapidly in all fields. The growth rate of 9.2% of gross national product in fiscal year of 2006-2007 is big enough to hold a national celebration.
There is evidence that by amending some rules and principles and some major political and economic and even cultural changes in its 59-year history, India has reached a relatively good state. According to World Bank's report, India will be the fourth economy power in 2020. It is predicted that till that year the per capita income will increase four times. 26% population who live below the poverty line will decrease to 13%.
Here is a question that who has the responsibility of image making of India? To whom belongs today's credibility of India?
It is obvious that India's public relations and pr agencies especially public relations experts and practitioners have played an important role in the country image making as one of the world economy power. «Emergence and presence» is what public relations experts and practitioners should really pay attention. Paying attention only to good performance and result is not enough, presenting is important too.
There's no doubt that in all discussed matters, the role of public relations is of growing importance as one of managerial critical task. Nowadays India's pr practitioners are looking for new tools which produce more credibility for their country.
Today, public relations receives more attention as an effective communicational tools. Additionally, concentration on public relations programs and an increase in investment on public relations activities instead of mere advertising are signs of change and development.
Large public relations companies in Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Heydar Abad, Pune, Ahmad Abad and other cities has contributed substantially to the expansion of importance of public relations in India.
Public relations in India is active in many fields which includes preparing yearly reports, managing web sites and publications, writing speeches, credit management, crisis management, preparing communications strategies and long term planning. More

07 February, 2007

Strategy Rulers

Today, the state run as well as private organizations and companies fails to establish extensive and effective communication. As the result, they should make attempts aimed at establishing communication and their position with strategic views.
Activities Scope” is the first element to be discussed in the media extensive and comprehensive communication for any organizations and companies as they revive their entity based on their costumers’ demands, requirements and putting the strategic methods in communication on the sharp focus. Although, the consultation companies develop and expand the strategies considerably, the way of using these strategies is crucial which is not unfortunately paid much attention. It should be noted that all our activities are for the sake of serving the addresses and clients and only the public relations specialists enjoy the ability to pave the ground for developing the communication strategies and expanding the messages and measurements for public relations and feedbacks.
This is the only way through which we can accomplish in establishing links between strategies, communication, addresses and the clients. More

04 February, 2007

An honest word, love story
Beginning of sincere, the end of love

World, although great, is smaller than human
When word means repetitive creation

These days less news are not revealed
Less fish is hidden behind the clouds

When all the minutes are full of events
We can never ignore the moment

We are in the path of light, transparent like always
Along with the speed, for ever

With such speed. It not the world of separation
The only way to victory is communication

03 February, 2007

Understanding Public Relations Business Power The case of Iran

This paper deals with the principles for understanding public relations business power in Iran and will show that investment on public relations will have a very positive outcome.This paper tries to reveals the PR value to us on one hand and on the other hand it puts this fact on the sharp focus that today good performance is not the all thing but its presentation bears the same value and importance.This paper also deals with another value called “communication”. It confesses that today world is suffering the problem of “communication deep gap”. Paying attention to communication management and planning for its improvement in future is a most. As Betek Van Roler, Amsterdam University Professor, says “management future will grow in the gap between demand and supply for in case when there is no growth, there will be no future for the management itself.Another issue pointed in this paper is communication programs nature based on the culture and local values. The programs having one sided nature fail. This is why the countries can not expand the effective ties without understanding bilateral communication programs, getting information, atmosphere control and bilateral understanding. The communications methods used today are inactive and their activation needs investment on some areas especially public relations.Revealing the importance and status of Iran business geography, this paper will show finally that public relations and the attempts made by the new public relations generation can play an important role in changing Iran into one of the world developed and major countries. More

It is impossible to reach an insightful PR without having a philosophic and scientific view

Director of Kargozar Public Relations Institute, Iran, speaks of transparency in the field of public relations.
Mehdi Bagherian director of KPRI in a meeting with PR experts and Managers of Golestan provice (one of the Northern province of Iran) which was held in the Conference hall of the agriculture university of Gorgan said Achievement and experience have shown that PR has the most effective role by comparison with other communications tools. We should note that it is not just an advertising tool but designing, supervising and evaluating the programs and plans are the other tasks of this impressive science.
Bagherian added It is impossible to reach an insightful PR without having a philosophic and scientific view. PR experts can lead and manage most of Global plans and projects by combining knowledge and experience with innovation and logical thought as well as creating profitable commercial situations.
Finally he said indeed PR management needs experts who do their tasks directly and clearly and try to make them transparent.

Public Relations Global Declaration

Any civilization, in each historical period, offers several especial findings of its to the Humane Society parts of which having more effective role are recognized as the symbol of that civilization. By taking the results of the present brilliant civilization into consideration, we notice the fact that, “inevitable international relations” is the most prominent feature and symbol of civilizations. Therefore, the degree of success and credit of any society, is evaluated by the element of International interaction domain and ultimately, in a global totality, and in this fluctuating phase in which thought and wisdom can, more than any other tools, eliminate the existing challenges, the defining role of international PR, appears with valuable scientific credit and variable capabilities.
Today, the clever and intelligent leaders search for their strategic success, especially in areas of economic and politics in a global scale, and in order to achieve these crucial goals, free themselves from some obstructive customs in an increasing process, look at their expert and scientific norms which play an unassailable role in front of them.
The residents of the global village believe that, no organ like PR, possessed such a serious and general social responsibility, which is able to bring fortunate sea changes for Human Society, and it is this same exceptional opportunity that focused on the attention of social sciences, particularly communication knowledge theoreticians on PR.
Therefore, public relation is able to play a cutting-edge role in different areas. It seems that esteeming this new scientific phenomenon in public and private sectors in any country and increasingly investment in this profession- which needs the multilateral supports of governments- is absolutely necessary for promotion of national and international goals. Thus, recruiting expert manpower in this sensitive organ and equipping them with the latest discoveries of PR, for expanding this field in all universities and generally extending the culture of PR, is one of the press needs of the modern societies.
In such condition, we are assured that, by paving the ground for promoting the position of PR in national and international areas, the motto “Promoting PR, global alliance”- this deep-rooted wish of nations- shall be materialized.